Pink Party Boat Ideas Guaranteed to Make a Splash

Planning a party can be hard work! Trying to find a unique location, deciding on a theme and figuring out what to serve takes time and effort. Well, Eco Boat Rentals is here to help. Their Pink Party Boat Cruises make the perfect backdrop for a variety of celebrations. Read on for suggestions to assist you in creating your next soiree. First, A Few Details About the Pink Party Boats Pink Party Boats are electric Duffy boats equipped with bright pink hulls and canopies. Each boat can hold up to eight guests and comes with your own private captain to pilot the vessel safely. Cruises are two hours long and start from America’s Cup Harbor. They continue along downtown San Diego, visiting iconic landmarks such as The USS Midway. The views are spectacular and offer endless photo opportunities. Included on the boat are onboard bathrooms, complete window enclosures that can be lowered on warm days and closed on chilly ones, a Bluetooth speaker system and karaoke microphone, a cooler with ice, plastic cups, pink hats and pillows and a banner. Bring your favorite food and drinks (suggestions below) and decorations although attaching anything to the outside of the boat is not permitted. Keep in mind the captain’s tip is not included in the price of the charter. Now that we have covered the basics, let’s talk about parties. Birthday Parties on a Pink Party Boat A Pink Party Boat is ideal for a birthday jubilee whether you are turning 21 years old or 40 years young. Sweet 16 For a  Sweet 16, how about a Taylor Swift themed party? Ask the Swifties to dress as their favorite Taylor Swift persona and bring friendship bracelets to share. Download the This is Taylor Swift playlist from Spotify to blast over the Bluetooth speaker system. Serve non-alcoholic Peach Bellini’s and Taylor’s favorite food, chicken fingers! 21st Legally Blonde For the person finally turning legal, throw a Legally Blonde bash. Make Elle Woods proud in your best pink ensemble. Keep it sweet with a dessert board. Shake up some Chocolate Cake Shots to get the party started. Pop some pink champagne to keep it going. Dance to Spotify’s 21st Birthday playlist or the soundtrack to Legally Blonde. It will be a party no one will forget. Still Hot at 40 So, you are turning forty. Kick it up a notch with an I’m Still Hot party theme. Think of all things hot and spicy. Mix up Pineapple Chili Margaritas and dish up chips and spicy guacamole or jalapeno poppers. Wear something red and sexy. Hand out hot tamales candies as a party favor. Swing your hips to a spicy soundtrack like this one from Spotify. Remind everyone that age is just a number. Bachelorette Parties on a Pink Party Boat For an unparalleled and fun bachelorette party, arrange a Newlywed Game themed celebration on a Pink Party Boat. Before the shindig, ask the bride’s partner a list of relationship questions. Click here for some ideas. Make sure to keep the answers secret. You will also need to prepare a batch of Jell-O shots for the game. The Newlywed Game premiered on television in 1966, so consider drinks and eats from the 60’s for the party. Gimlets were fashionable cocktails of the era and are easy to make. Popular appetizers included meatballs with grape jelly, finger sandwiches with white bread, stuffed mushrooms and celery and cream cheese. Put on some 60’s Love Songs to set the mood. Once everyone is settled in, it’s time to play the game. Ask the bride the same questions you asked her partner. When she answers correctly, everyone cheers. When the answer is incorrect, everyone downs a Jell-O shot. Depending on how well she knows her betrothed, this could be a raucous party. Or A Divorce Party? If your marriage has ended in divorce, lighten the mood with a Divorce Party. Embark on a Pink Party Boat with your best girlfriends for some karaoke. Belt out Beyoncé’s All the Single Girls or Kelly Clarkson’s Miss Independent. Pop your favorite bubbly and toast your newfound single status. Eat cake. It’s the beginning of an exciting new chapter. “Friendsgiving” Aboard a Pink Party Boat Spice up the holidays with a “Friendsgiving” celebration on a Pink Party Boat. Keep it simple with bite sized turkey sandwiches. Don’t be afraid to layer them with stuffing or even potato chips for some added zing. Sip on Spiced Rum Apple Cider to keep you warm against the fresh ocean breeze. As you listen to a playlist inspired by Thanksgiving, share what you are thankful for. Play a round of Friends trivia. Find out which of you is a Monica and who is a Rachel. Team Building Excursions Get to know your office mates on a Team Building Pink Party Boat Cruise. It is a way to refresh and reenergize the group. Do a potluck and have everyone bring an appetizer to share. Depending on company policy, offer soft drinks or beer and wine (no red wine please) if permissible. A fun activity to break the ice is a Photo Scavenger Hunt. Prepare a list of items to find and photograph. The group must work together to locate each item. Examples include a sea lion, seal, bird, a yacht, a kayak, a person wearing a red jacket, a buoy, a skyscraper, a restaurant and a military vessel. You get the idea. You can make it as simple or hard as you wish. Mother’s Day Celebration Shower Mom with love on Mother’s Day on a Pink Party Boat. Put together a scrumptious brunch or order bagels to go from Point Loma Bagels. Locals rave about this mom-and-pop shop with freshly made bagels and flavored cream cheeses. Download a playlist featuring all of mom’s favorite songs. Create a mimosa bar with orange, grapefruit and pineapple juices and champagne. Do not forget the flowers. There is no limit to the type of party you can hold on a Pink

How To Be Green in Beautiful San Diego

It’s hard to believe March is upon us. When one thinks of March, they often think of St. Patrick’s Day. When they think of St. Patrick’s Day, they may think of green. Now, green has a couple of different definitions. As a noun, it refers to the color that occurs when you mix blue and yellow. As a verb, to be green means to care for the environment. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, here are some ideas on how to be green in beautiful San Diego, both as a noun and as a verb. Stay at an Eco-Conscious Hotel in San Diego To be green in beautiful San Diego, you may want to consider staying in an eco-conscious hotel. The following hotels have all achieved an Environmentalist certification through the California Green Lodging Program. This is the highest level of certification available. To be an Environmentalist, the hotel must meet each of the program’s seven-point criteria. Minimizing waste, purchasing environmentally sensitive products and recycling are all requirements. Discover a Green Restaurant in San Diego The Surfrider Foundation is celebrating its 40th year of protecting oceans and beaches throughout the world. Their blueprint to accomplish this mission includes plastic reduction. Did you know it is estimated that up to 11 million metric tons of plastic pollute our oceans annually? Plastic contains toxins that not only harm the environment, they can also harm us! To combat this problem, the Surfrider Foundation has created the Ocean Friendly Restaurant program. This initiative recognizes restaurants committed to eliminating single-use plastic and implementing conservation policies. For a list of their ocean friendly restaurants in and around the San Diego area, click here. Plan an Eco-Friendly Activity in San Diego You know a company is environmentally conscious when they have “eco” in their name. Eco Boat Rentals in Point Loma is just that. They offer three eco-friendly ways to tour America’s Cup Harbor, Harbor Island and Liberty Station. Find Green in San Diego For a one-of-a-kind green backdrop for your next selfie, visit Harper’s Topiary Garden. This masterful garden is in Mission Hills and is actually someone’s front yard. The homeowners decided over 15 years ago that they wanted to create art out of shrubs for all to appreciate. Find Harper’s Topiary Garden at 3549 Union Street, San Diego. The Elusive Green Flash Have you ever seen a green flash? This phenomenon is witnessed most often at sunset, but can be observed at sunrise too. It happens as the sun dips down below the horizon. When there is just a sliver of the sun left, a bright green flash can appear above the sun. Why does this happen? The simplest explanation is the atmosphere acts like a prism separating colors from each other. Green flashes are visible over low and distant horizons like the ocean. It must be a clear day with no clouds or haze. Sunset Cliffs in Point Loma and Ocean Beach are two areas in San Diego where green flashes have been recorded. Green Beer on St. Patrick’s Day Green beer is a favorite drink found on St. Patrick’s Day in many an Irish pub. The good news is there are a plethora of Irish pubs in San Diego. While there is no guarantee all the pubs below serve green beer, it might be fun to do a St. Patrick’s Day bar crawl to find out. One of the Greenest Cities in the USA Whether you are looking for greenery or wanting to help the planet, San Diego is the place to be. Several articles rank San Diego as one of the greenest cities in the USA due to their commitment to clean energy and environment-friendly policies. Add in the abundance of parks and beaches to enjoy in the region, and you are sure to be green in San Diego. What do you do to be green? Tell us in the comment section below.

Keep The Love Alive: Date Ideas for An Entire Year

Even in the busiest of times, it is important to keep the love alive. Research has shown that couples who engage in regular date nights have happier, more satisfying and less stressful relationships. Furthermore, those who spice up their dates with something more unique than “dinner and a movie” report having a higher quality connection with their partner. To help our couples out, we have put together a list of date ideas in San Diego to carry you through the year. Read on to find out more. Outdoor Date Ideas An outdoor date is a great way to unplug and be present for your partner. Fresh air and new experiences add zip to any relationship. A Double Date Idea For a fabulous double date idea, book a Pink Party Boat Cruise. Each electric Duffy boat can fit up to six and comes with your own captain to pilot the vessel and keep you safe and sound. Feel free to pop the bubbly on board to celebrate your love and nosh on chocolate, figs or oysters, all rumored to be aphrodisiacs. The magnificent scenery makes the ideal backdrop for a selfie and possibly for a proposal too. Live Entertainment Ideas San Diego is full of live entertainment venues. Whether you and your date want to rock out to some classic tunes, take in a Broadway play or even sing along to dueling pianos, there is a place for you to go. Check out the date ideas below. Not Your Typical Dinner and Movie Date Ideas While the typical dinner and a movie date can get tiring, the date ideas below are anything but boring. Of course, San Diego has no shortage of beaches, trails and parks to plan an energizing hike to kick off your date. With a little imagination, the possibilities are endless. What are your favorite date ideas? Tell us in the comment section below.

Why Kids Will Love a San Diego Weekend Getaway

Autumn is the perfect time for a San Diego weekend getaway. As summer dwindles down, beaches become less crowded and rates start to drop, but the weather is still mild and comfortable. With school starting, a weekend getaway is a fantastic way to alleviate those back-to-school blues. You can even incorporate educational experiences into your trip that your children will benefit from. There are so many family activities in San Diego. Read on to find out more. Balboa Park is a Must on a San Diego Weekend Getaway When you think of kid-friendly things to do, Sea World and Legoland may come to mind, but there is so much more in San Diego. A visit to Balboa Park should be on your list. Not only does it house the San Diego Zoo, but it is also home to a multitude of museums sure to delight your child. San Diego Air & Space Museum For future astronauts, the San Diego Air & Space Museum is the place to be. Explore interactive exhibits like Space: Our Greatest Adventure. Here you can see Gumdrop, the actual Apollo 9 Command Module, land the Space Shuttle or take a selfie in a Mars spacesuit. For those more interested in flight, check out the displays of fighter planes from World War I and II and other interesting aircraft. There is plenty to keep everyone entertained. San Diego Natural History Museum Fans of the creepy and crawly will love the Living Lab exhibit at the San Diego Natural History Museum. Dinosaur enthusiasts will want to take a walk though Fossil Mysteries where they can touch real fossils. Don’t miss Skulls with over 200 skulls of the weirdest and wildest animals on display. Peek at scientists at work. Your kids will definitely not be bored. Other museums of interest for the family at Balboa Park include the San Diego Model Railroad Museum, the Comic-Com Museum, the Fleet Science Center, the San Diego Automotive Museum and the San Diego Museum of Art. After your done touring the museums, take a ride on the Antique Miniature Train or the Original Menagerie Carousel. Have a picnic in the park or expend some energy at one of the six available playgrounds. Create Art at the New Children’s Museum Located in downtown San Diego, the New Children’s Museum will engage and inspire your budding artist. With interactive art installations and hands-on workshops, you and your child can discover your inner Picasso. The museum works with real artists to keep exhibits fresh and relevant. Just about all ages can take part in the clay and paint studios, the Innovators Lab (ages 6 and up) and the museum park. If you get hungry, Bean Sprouts Café offers snacks for even the pickiest of eaters. Take a Tour of the San Diego Harbor with Eco Boat Rentals It’s not a San Diego weekend getaway without time spent on the ocean. At Eco Boat Rentals, your entire family can cruise the San Diego Harbor taking in the magnificent sights and observing a variety of sea life. What type of birds and mammals might you encounter? Click here to find out. Choose a Pedal Boat for a more active experience. Each boat can hold up to three adults and one child (600 lbs. total) and runs on people power. The boats are comfortable and easy to pedal. They are a great way to get some exercise while having fun. If your family includes a furry four-legged member, Pedal Boats are dog friendly. If you prefer someone else to do the work, then a Pink Party Boat is the choice for you. A private captain will pilot you on a 2-hour cruise of the harbor. Bring aboard your favorite drinks and bites, sit back and marvel at the spectacular city skyline, watch the playful sea lions or keep it lively with the onboard Bluetooth speaker system and Karaoke microphone. Is it someone’s birthday? A Pink Party Boat is ideal for celebrations. Make Time for Dinner and a Movie at The LOT Liberty Station After a busy day pedaling an Eco Boat or visiting museums, a relaxing dinner and a movie might be in order. The LOT Liberty Station is an upscale movie theater for the whole family. Watch the show from comfortable recliners. Savor brunch or dinner in their onsite restaurant or al fresco on their outside patio. Short on time? Order food inside the theater with just a push of a button. A full bar will keep the adults happy. Reservations recommended for restaurant dining. Ride a Roller Coaster on Your San Diego Weekend Getaway When it’s time to let loose, head on over to Belmont Park at Mission Beach. This beachfront amusement park features the Giant Dipper Roller Coaster, a historic landmark built in 1925. Other rides include the Flip Out, the Beach Blaster, the Tilt-A-Whirl, the Krazy Kars and the Dip & Dive. For the more adventurous, try the Zipline, Rockwall or Coconut Climb. Play games in the lively arcade. Fall Fest returns to the park September 9, 2023, with a pumpkin patch, live music and seasonal beer on-tap for the grown-ups. Dive Into the Plunge San Diego The entire family will want to dive into the Plunge San Diego. This historic landmark is Southern California’s largest heated pool. Residing in a building with floor to ceiling windows and a retractable roof, you can swim any time of the year. Kids can test their skills on the inflatable obstacle course while adults may prefer to swim laps. Grab a bite to eat at the snack bar or at the Beach House restaurant. Day passes include access to the obstacle course, lap lanes, pool locker rooms, keyless lockers, hot showers, aqua programs and the turf fitness area. Go ahead and take the plunge. Are you ready for your San Diego weekend getaway? Share with us your children’s favorite activity in the comment section below.

How to Throw a Fantastic Barbie Party in San Diego

Whether young or old, everyone knows Barbie. She is an iconic figure in American pop culture. With a new Barbie movie out this summer, she is more popular than ever. What could be more fun than a grown-up Barbie party with your besties? Read on for ideas on how to celebrate Barbie all weekend long in San Diego. First, Some Fun Facts About Barbie Do you know the following fun facts about the most popular fashion doll ever created? Pick The Perfect Place to Stay for Your Barbie Weekend While you might not be able to replicate Barbie’s Dreamhouse in San Diego, there are plenty of Barbie-worthy hotels in the area. With its 1960’s architectural features, The Pearl in Point Loma transports you back in time to when Barbie first made her debut. This mid-century boutique hotel offers 23 glamourous guestrooms and suites all designed with contemporary features. An art moderne oyster-shaped pool flows into their outside restaurant, Charles & Dinorah. Fun events at The Pearl include Dive-In Movies on select Wednesday and Friday nights. The Pendry is the choice for a stylish and hip hotel in downtown San Diego. Featuring 317 opulent rooms with an urban coastal asethic, The Pendry boasts six restaurants and bars including the swanky Oxford Club. Work on your Barbie tan at The Pool House, a rooftop pool and restaurant overlooking the Gaslamp Quarter with luxurious lounge chairs and cabanas. Plan a Brunch to Start Off Your Barbie Party Arguably the hottest brunch spot in San Diego, start your Barbie party weekend with brunch at Morning Glory in Little Italy. They do not take reservations, so go early to get your name on the waitlist. Feel free to walk around the area for a little window shopping as they will text you when your table is ready. The décor at Morning Glory is reminiscent of the 80’s with a giant pink neon flower in the center of the restaurant. You can just picture Barbie sitting at one of the pink booths rocking out to some 80’s tunes. The eclectic menu features entrees such as Morning Glory Fried Rice, Soufflé Pancakes, The Born+Raised Wet-Aged Steak & Eggs Experience (serves 2-3 people and requires 48 hours’ notice and one of the only ways to get a reservation) and Breakfast Carbonara. Sip on a Strawberries & Cream Hot Chocolate or order a Bloody Mary. For Moet & Chandon fans, a vending machine stocks the bubbly for easy access. Go See the Barbie Movie Starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, the Barbie movie hits theaters mid-July 2023. The plot is simple and lighthearted. Barbie is expelled from Barbie Land for not being perfect. She travels with Ken on an adventure to the real world where they discover the ups and downs of interacting with humans. Along the way, they pick up many valuable life lessons. Check out Fandango to find movie times and theaters and to purchase tickets. Take a Pink Party Boat Cruise During Your Weekend Barbie Party Who had a Barbie Dream Boat growing up? Well now you can experience all the same Barbie fun as an adult on a Pink Party Boat Cruise from Eco Boat Rentals. Board a Barbie pink accented Duffy electric boat for a fabulous two-hour cruise of the spectacular San Diego Bay. Each boat holds up to 6-8 people and comes with your own private Captain. Dress to impress your Barbie gal pals and bring aboard plenty of pink champagne, pink drinks and pink nibbles. Sing karaoke on the included microphone and blast Aqua’s Barbie Girl over the Bluetooth speaker system. Of course, Ken is invited too. A Pink Party Boat Cruise is also great for families and children’s Barbie parties. Hit the Beach Like Malibu Barbie Your Barbie party weekend is not complete without a stop at one of San Diego’s stunning beaches. Barbie is the ultimate surfing girl and loves the beach. Pacific Beach is the place to go to party with plenty of restaurants and bars lining the beach. Ride the waves at the surfing-only Tourmaline Surfing Park. Swim the calmer waters of North Pacific Beach. Sunbathe at laid-back Ocean Beach. Home to the original Dog Beach, check out the fun-loving pups romping in the surf. Take a walk along the pier at sunset for amazing views. Mission Beach is famous for its two-mile long bustling boardwalk which includes an amusement park complete with a roller coaster. Skate or bike along the beach, play volleyball or just take in the sun’s rays. Finish Your Barbie Party at a Unique Eatery Cherry blossoms and Barbie just seem to go together, and a restaurant with a giant Cherry Blossom Tree behind the bar is sure to be a Barbie favorite. Well, look no further. Cloak & Petal in Little Italy not only possesses a menu of Japanese fusion dishes, sushi, appetizers and drinks, they have a gorgeous Cherry Blossom Tree to take Instagram-worthy pictures in front of. Dine on specialty rolls such as the Tokyo Gangster featuring Wagyu strip and shrimp or the Cesar Chavez with pepper-crusted tuna, shrimp tempura and spicy tuna. Specialty cocktails include the Japanese Mule and the Tea Ceremony. Reservations recommended. We hope you enjoy your Barbie weekend. Tell us about your favorite childhood Barbie memories in the comment section below.

Unique Ways to Celebrate 4th of July in San Diego

If you love fireworks, then you must celebrate the 4th of July in San Diego. The Port of San Diego’s Big Bay BOOM is one of the largest firework spectaculars in California. Shooting off from four barges positioned throughout the San Diego Bay, the skies glow with a dazzling display of lights. Big Bay BOOM benefits Armed Services YMCA, a very worthwhile charity. The firework show begins at 9:00 pm with a musical simulcast available on 101.5 KGB. Read on for recommendations on where to view this legendary show. Experience 4th of July in San Diego from the Water One of the ultimate vantage points to see the fireworks is from the water. If you don’t own a boat, don’t worry. Eco Boat Rentals has you covered with two fantastic options. Glow Boat For a more intimate experience, book one of their colorful Glow Boats, available on July 4th from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm. With illuminated lights inside and out, they make the perfect setting for a romantic date night. Each comes equipped with a Bluetooth speaker to catch the live firework musical simulcast or play your own patriotic playlist. Easy to pedal, their crew will point you to the best viewing spots in the bay. Reservations are required. Pink Party Boat Cruise If you don’t like big crowds but still want to party, a Pink Party Boat Cruise is for you. Eco Boat Rentals is offering three-hour cruises from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm on Independence Day. Each of their two Duffy boats comes equipped with a captain to keep you safely on course and can accommodate up to 8 people. Bring your favorite beverages and snacks (please, no red drinks or food), dress in your best red, white and blue, blast some tunes from the Bluetooth speaker system and get ready to watch the firework show. Enjoy 4th of July in San Diego at a Waterfront Restaurant For those who prefer to stay on land, a table at one of San Diego’s waterfront restaurants offers panoramic views of the Big Boom show. Portside Pier Restaurants Find Brigantine’s Seafood and Oyster Bar, Ketch Brewing Tasting Deck, Topsail and Miguel’s Cocina at Portside Pier, all giving you a terrific seat to watch the big show. Be sure to make a reservation to guarantee a spot. Ketch Brewing Tasting Deck is hosting Red, White and Brews with a delicious BBQ. A prepaid food and beverage minimum is required at Brigantine’s and Miguel’s. A flat fee ensures your seat at Topsail. Island Prime Savor a special preset menu at Island Prime on July 4th. Served from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, this three-course dinner features scrumptious entrees including Snake River Farms “Eye of the Ribeye”, Lobster, Seared Blackened Tuna and Chicken Under a Brick. Enjoy dessert as the fireworks kick off. Celebrate 4th of July in San Diego at a Museum The Maritime Museum of San Diego is hosting a July 4th Picnic & Fireworks Viewing from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm. Step aboard the Berkeley, an 1898 historic steam ferryboat, for fun and fireworks. Tickets are just $25 with the option of purchasing a picnic box for just $15 per person (while supplies last). A no-host bar for beverages will be available. Explore the historic fleet at the museum earlier in the day. Self-guided walking tours will be held from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm before the party with the last entry at 4:00 pm. The USS Midway Museum also hosts a 4th of July viewing party on the Flight Deck of the Midway. This event sells out very quickly. If you miss this year, make sure to mark your calendars for 2024. Shake Your Booty on the 4th of July! How about a dance party to start off your holiday? C&C Music Factory is Gonna Make You Sweat at the Rady Shell at Jacobs Park starting at 7:00 pm on July 4th. Get your groove on to the 90’s hip-hop sensation with opening act DJ Prince Hakim. All ticket holders are invited to stay at the Shell for the Big Boom Firework Show following the concert. There’s Daytime Fun to Be Had on 4th of July in San Diego July 4th enjoyment does not just have to happen at night. There is plenty to do in the daylight to make for an awesome Independence Day. Pedal Boats from Eco Boat Rentals A Pedal Boat from Eco Boat Rentals is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and take in the breathtaking city views. Each vessel can hold up to three adults and is easy to maneuver. You can even bring your pup along for the ride as they are dog friendly. Start your day off with a little exercise and fresh air! San Diego County Fair July 4th is the last day to visit this year’s San Diego County Fair. Held at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, experience everything from a Rock N Rolling Piano, a Hypnotist, a Dog Show and much, much more. Munch on tasty fair food and take a spin on one of the thrilling rides. The day caps off with a firework show at 9:00 pm. Who Doesn’t Love a Parade? Head on over to Coronado for their 74th Annual Independence Day Parade starting at 10:00 am. The route is on Orange Avenue and runs from 1st Street to Churchhill Place. Get there early to snag your spot. Pre-parade entertainment begins at 7:30 am. Stay after the parade for live music, a Navy Leap Frogs Aerial Demonstration and of course, fireworks at 9:00 pm. Hit the Beach Take in the sun and sand at one of San Diego’s beautiful beaches on Independence Day. Pack a picnic, slather on the sunscreen and spend the holiday playing in the waves. Fido can even take part at the famous Dog Beach in Ocean Beach. Where is your favorite spot in San Diego to celebrate Independence Day? Tell us in the comment section below.

Pink Party Boat Cruises Make for the Best Celebrations

Did you know the average American throws seven parties a year? That’s an easy number to hit when you consider how many holidays and events there are to celebrate. Planning a party can be stressful though. You want your celebration to be unique and memorable. One of the biggest questions to consider is where to have the party. A great answer is on one of Eco Boat Rental’s Pink Party Boat Cruises. Read on to find out more. 1. Pink Party Boat Cruises are Fabulous for Bachelorette Parties! As the Maid of Honor, you have been tasked with throwing a fabulous bachelorette party. You want something classy and special, but still a ton of fun. Consider a Pink Party Boat Cruise from Eco Boat Rentals for a “Last Sail Before the Veil” event. Decorations are more than welcome inside the vessel. Consider nautical-themed plates and napkins and a personalized wine glass for each guest to take home. Do you need a captain’s hat for the guest of honor? Eco Boat Rentals has you covered with pink, sparkly hats for your group. Speaking of captains, each pink party boat is helmed by your own private captain to sail you around the gorgeous San Diego Bay. The spectacular views will provide Instagram-worthy backdrops for your pictures. Bring a bottle (or two) of bubbly and tasty snacks to nosh on while you honor your bride-to-be in style. Everyone will feel relaxed and refreshed after an afternoon out at sea. 2. Date Night Anyone? For the perfect romantic date, book a Pink Party Boat Cruise, now available for nighttime launches. Each boat is bathed in pink neon light that dances off the water. Twinkling city lights and breathtaking views create an amazing ambience. Set the mood with loves songs playing from the provided Bluetooth speaker system. Snuggle together under a blanket on chillier evenings, but don’t worry about it being too cold. The pink boats have complete window enclosures that can go up or down for your comfort. Surprise your date with chocolate truffles from The Elegant Truffle and mix-up a batch of gin cocktails to take on board, both are considered to be aphrodisiacs. Each boat can hold up to six people, so make it a double date for double the fun. 3. How About a Birthday Party? Whether young or old, everyone will have a blast celebrating their birthday on a Pink Party Boat Cruise. The possibilities are endless. For children, think Strawberry Shortcake, Little Mermaid or Princess parties. Adults can dress up in 80’s attire for a Pretty in Pink soiree or in pink animal prints for an Ocean Safari party. Don’t forget about Barbie! Both kids and grownups love the iconic doll. A birthday banner can be provided or create one of your own. Feel free to bring you own decorations and paper tableware to establish the theme of your party. When planning the menu, think pink, but please no red food or drinks. A birthday celebration on a Pink Party Boat Cruise will not soon be forgotten. 4. Pink Party Boat Cruises are Fantastic for Besties Are you looking for an adventure on your next Girl’s Night (or Day) Out? Try a Pink Party Boat Cruise. A brightly colored Duffy boat piloted by a private captain can take you and five of your best gal pals on a two-hour tour of the San Diego Bay. For cruises after dark, the boat is illuminated with brilliant pink neon lights. Catch up on gossip while taking in the striking views surrounding you. Make it a potluck with each guest bringing their favorite dish to share. Sip on a refreshing Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc, but please no red wine. The Village Store near Point Loma offers a varied selection of white wine and spirits. Once the party is in full gear, break out the onboard Karaoke microphones and belt out a crowd-pleasing song or two. Who among you will be the next American Idol? Don’t forget to snap some pics. 5. Pop the Big Question or Celebrate an Anniversary You have found the love of your life and are ready to pop the big question. What next? Plan your proposal aboard a Pink Party Boat Cruise. Make it a surprise. Invite a few close family and friends to join you on a two-hour cruise. Your fiancé will be none the wiser as your group boards the colorful boat. Pack a picnic and don’t forget the champagne. Be sure to have your “song” ready to play on the provided Bluetooth speaker system. When the time is right, bend down on one knee and ask your loved one to marry you. Your guests will cheer when you hear yes. Return for your first anniversary. Relive the moment of your proposal and cherish the memories you have made together. Make it special with a cake from Drunk Concoctions in Point Loma where sugar and alcohol come to bake love. Pink boats are ideal for all intimate anniversary celebrations. 6. Take Mom on a Pink Party Boat Cruise Mother’s Day is almost here. A Pink Party Boat Cruise is a wonderful way to honor your mom. Plan afternoon tea with finger sandwiches and scones for an elegant fete or a brunch complete with mimosas and muffins. Don’t forget the flowers. Little House of Flowers in Point Loma offers beautiful bouquets that will delight your mom. Don’t let your mom do anything other than sit back and enjoy the scenery. This is her day to feel special. Dad’s enjoy Pink Party Boat Cruises too. Consider one for Father’s Day. What’s Included with Pink Party Boat Cruises? What Should You Bring? What Should You Know? Do you have a question regarding the Pink Party Boat Cruise? Ask us in the comment section below.

The Best Pink Things to Do in San Diego

Do you love all things pink? San Diego does too. Scientists even dyed the oceans pink for a study on how fresh water interacts with the surf zone. Read on for our list of the best pink things to do in San Diego. Rock Out with Pink in San Diego Pink is bringing her Summer Carnival 2023 Tour to the Snapdragon Stadium on Tuesday, October 3. You won’t want to miss her high-energy performance and amazing vocals. Pink released her first album in 2000 and has sold over 60 million albums to date. Sing along to hits like So What, Raise Your Glass, Just Like a Pill and What About Us. As a bonus, Brandi Carlile is the opening act. Get the Party Started with Pink! Find tickets here. A Pink Party Boat Cruise is One of Many Fabulous Things to Do in San Diego Grab your friends, dress in your dazzling pink attire and head on over to Eco Boat Rentals for one of their fabulous Pink Party Boat Cruises. Take in magnificent skyline views with cool ocean breezes. Photo possibilities are endless as you tour the beautiful San Diego Bay. With a captain at the helm to pilot the vessel safely, you can “Rose All Day” with your favorite bottle of wine. Don’t forget something to nosh on and party tunes to play over the Bluetooth speaker. A Pink Party Boat Cruise is a fantastic location for your next birthday or bachelorette party. Tours are 2 hours long and can accommodate 6-8 people. Each Duffy boat is decked out with a bright pink hull, pink canvas accents and a mirrored disco ball. Let the celebration begin! Sip a Delicious Drink at the Photogenic Holy Matcha You might be asking, “What is Matcha?” Matcha is a powdered green tea, originating in Japan, full of antioxidants and amino acids. Benefits include lowering cholesterol, boosting energy and reducing stress. You can now experience this delicious drink at Holy Matcha with locations in North Park and East Village. Why is Holy Matcha on our pink list? Their décor can only be described as pretty in pink. Pink booths are surrounded by green palms for a tropical feel. Discover plenty of picture worthy opportunities including a beautiful wall adorned with roses. You might stop in for the drinks at Holy Matcha, but you will stay for the ambiance. Snap a Selfie at Pigment (and Do Some Shopping Too) On many top Instagrammable lists is Pigment in North Park. Its multi-toned pink exterior wall makes an excellent backdrop for selfies. After clicking your Instagram-worthy shot, take a peek inside this husband and wife owned shop. Focusing on unique gifts, fauna and furniture, you will find one-of-a-kind items here. Nature lovers will delight in their Plant Lab, where you can roll up your sleeves and create your own terrarium. Participate in one of their many in-house workshops such as candle making classes. There is plenty to see and do at Pigment. Visiting the Pink Lady is on Our List of Pink Things to Do in San Diego Overlooking the gorgeous La Jolla Cove is La Valencia, an iconic 95-year-old hotel known as the Pink Lady. Its pink exterior and Spanish tiles standout on La Jolla’s well-known Prospect Street. Besides being an exquisite environment for your Facebook reels, the Pink Lady offers coastal charm and beach access, award-winning cuisine, Mediterranean-inspired rooms and superior concierge services. Plus, it’s pet friendly. Explore the grounds, grab a bite to eat or book a weekend getaway surrounded in pink splendor at La Valencia. Brunch All Day with Pink Champagne at Breakfast & Bubbles Another sassy pink spot in the heart of San Diego is Breakfast & Bubbles. This pink-dipped restaurant takes their all-day brunch and champagne seriously. Savor their Caviar Benedict or Oreo Stuffed French Toast for a special treat. Sip on a Rosemary Baby, a grapefruit and rosemary mimosa. Need to wake up with a bang? Try a More Espresso Less Depresso with espresso, Baileys, Kahlua, Frangelico, vanilla vodka and chocolate bitters. Make sure to post your pink pictures on your favorite social media site. Your Pup Likes Pink Things to Do in San Diego Too! Dogs need enrichment in their lives too. They can find it at Precious Pet Care’s Doggie Day Care. Your pooch will love playing tug-of-war and fetch, socializing with other pups, pack walks and even nap time if needed. On hot days, they can cool off in the doggie pools. Day Care clients can take advantage of the new Magic Pink Bus at Precious Pet Care. This transportation service is offered either one-way or round trip for the ultimate in convenience. Think of how cool your pup will look riding in the colorful Magic Pink Bus. Clients can also book the bus for trips to the vet or groomers. Other services include doggie field trips, dog walking, boarding and cat visits. We hope you enjoyed our list of the Best Pink Things to Do in San Diego. What is your favorite pink spot in town?

10 Unique Proposal Spots in Beautiful San Diego

Did you know 37% of couples become engaged between November and February? With Valentine’s Day just a few weeks away, you might be considering popping the big question. Shopping for the perfect ring is probably first on your list but finding a unique proposal spot should be second. A place out of the ordinary will not only ensure a memorable event but think of the fantastic pictures you will capture. Are you feeling overwhelmed? Don’t be. Read on for nine unique proposal spots in and around San Diego. 1. Surprise Your Fiancé on a Private Sailboat Tour If you want your proposal to be a surprise, a private, chartered sailboat tour from Eco Boat Rentals is a unique and romantic choice. Your soon-to-be fiancé will be none the wiser as you board a gorgeous French-built sailing yacht for an adventure. Keep it intimate with just the two of you or invite close family and friends to share in your joy as the sailboat can fit up to six people. Cruise along the magnificent San Diego skyline, learn about famous landmarks and when the time is right and the sky is aglow, ask the big question. Make sure those on board have their cameras ready. After you hear yes, pop the champagne and celebrate. 2. A Suspension Bridge Makes the List of Unique Proposal Spots For the more courageous, the Spruce Street Suspension Bridge is high up on our list of unique proposal spots. Located in a residential neighborhood of Banker’s Hill on West Spruce Street, this pedestrian bridge sits 70 feet above Sessions Canyon. Flanked by trees, it gives off a secluded vibe. Not for those with a fear of heights, the bridge may sway back and forth when crossing. The views are incredible though. It is part of San Diego’s 7 Bridges Urban Hike, an easy 5-mile jaunt. So, if this bridge isn’t quite right for you, there are 6 others to choose from. 3. The 1895 Looff Carousel is a Historic Proposal Spot Located in Seaport Village, the 1895 Looff Carousel is a piece of history. Built by Charles I. D. Looff, a master amusement park carver, it has traveled all over the country. First installed in Fair Park, Texas, it made stops in Santa Monica, California, Spanaway, Washington and Burbank, California before landing in San Diego in 2005. Mr. Looff built over 50 carousels in his lifetime, but only 4 remain today. For a proposal with a touch of whimsy, the 1895 Looff Carousel is the spot. 4. Recreate an Iconic Pose after Proposing at the Kissing Statue Unconditional Surrender is a 25-foot tall, 6000 lb. statue downtown in Tuna Harbor Park. Created by J. Seaward Johnson, it is also known as the kissing statue or Embracing Peace. While this is a popular and crowded tourist attraction, picture getting down on one knee under the enormous figure with the crowd cheering you on. Afterwards, dip your love backwards and plant a smooch just like the famous 1945 picture the sculpture is based on. A proposal that will not soon be forgotten. 5. How about a Glow Boat for a Nighttime Proposal Spot? If your idea of the ideal proposal includes only the two of you, then you should consider a glow boat ride from Eco Boat Rentals. Each boat is bathed in 360 degrees of colorful lights and includes a mirrored disco ball and Bluetooth speaker to create the perfect ambiance. For more suggestions on how to turn a glow boat ride into the most romantic and unique experience, check out the blog post, Looking for a Romantic and Unique Gift Idea. Find recommendations on what to bring on board, a list of love songs and delicious restaurants for dinner to complete the evening. 6. Rooftops are Unique Proposal Spots with a View Imagine yourself and your loved one atop one of many of San Diego’s rooftop bars. Spectacular views of the city rise around you. A gentle, ocean breeze ruffles your hair. After some tasty lite bites and a cocktail or two, you bend down on one knee and ask the biggest question of your life. Sound amazing? If so, check out the rooftop bars below. 7. Incorporate a Giant Organ into Your Marriage Proposal Music lovers rejoice. There is a totally unique spot for your marriage proposal. Situated in a century old pavilion in Balboa Park is the Spreckels Organ. The largest outdoor pipe organ in the world, it can duplicate almost any sound a musical instrument can make. Performances take place on Sundays at 2:00pm for free. In addition, special events are planned in the evening throughout the year. With a dramatic archway surrounding the organ’s 5,000 pipes, it is a beautiful backdrop for your proposal pictures. 8. Propose in Front of Unique Spectators at the Zoo Is your fiancé an animal lover? Then why not propose at the San Diego Zoo? Housing over 4000 animals, there is sure to be a species your partner will adore. This is another good spot for a surprise proposal. Play it as just an afternoon outing in San Diego and then delight your mate with the ring. You can even host a wild wedding at the zoo. The zoo is open daily from 9:00am to 5:00pm. 9. Let Your Love Bloom at the San Diego Botanic Garden Not just for weddings, the San Diego Botanic Garden is a 37-acre urban oasis with 29 uniquely themed gardens. It provides plenty of unique proposal spots to choose from. Leisurely walk their four miles of trails hand in hand. As the ocean comes into view, ask your future betrothed to marry you. While you are welcome to snap personal pictures of the occasion, professional photography requires prior approval, and a fee applies. 10. A Pink Party Boat Cruise is a Fun Proposal Spot For those who love a good time, a Pink Party Boat Cruise is a fun and lively place to propose. Invite your friends and family (make

Looking for a Unique and Romantic Gift Idea?

A 360 degree illuminated glow boat with the lights of the city skyline is the perfect romantic gift idea

Christmas is less than 2 weeks away, and you find yourself still looking for the perfect romantic gift idea for your special someone. How about a glow boat ride from Eco Boat Rentals? Research has shown that an experience brings more joy than a material possession. While a tangible gift depreciates in value, an experience creates everlasting memories and deeper feelings of happiness. When paired with our suggestions below, a glow boat ride is not only a unique present, but also the perfect date night. The Centerpiece of Your Romantic Gift Idea is a Glow Boat Ride A glow boat ride from Eco Boat Rentals is a magical adventure. Each boat is illuminated 360 degrees inside and out and pedaling is as easy as riding a bicycle. Picture gliding across the ocean with amazing views of the magnificent San Diego Skyline in front of you. Imagine taking a moment to snuggle close with colorful lights dancing off the water. It’s only you and your significant other sharing this one-of-a-kind moment together. Glow boats are available Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings at either 6:30pm or 8:30pm. Rides are 60 minutes long. Slots are filling up quickly, so make your reservations now. What to Bring on Your Unique Glow Boat Ride Be sure to pack some snacks to nosh on during your expedition. If you are booking the 6:30pm ride, a charcuterie board makes a great appetizer before dinner. Carruth Cellars at Liberty Station offers several options to go starting at just $15. If you choose the 8:30pm time slot, a dessert might be more appropriate. Try a box of truffles from The Elegant Truffle in Point Loma. Who doesn’t love chocolate! While alcohol is not permitted on the boat, you can find a variety of non-alcoholic sparkling wines to pair with your lite bites. Read Town & Country’s recommendations for the 13 best here. To stay warm, consider a fluffy blanket to nestle under. How About Some Romantic Tunes Each glow boat comes equipped with a Bluetooth speaker and a sparkling disco ball. Download a song list before your ride to set the mood for romance. Whether you choose to go the classics route or pick something a little more modern, music will elevate your experience. Classic Love Songs Modern Love Songs Dinner is an Important Part of the Romantic Gift Idea You don’t have to go far from Eco Boat Rentals to find a fantastic restaurant to compliment your romantic glow boat ride. Depending on your starting time, these restaurants are a delicious choice for before or after your outing. Fiddler’s Green Boasting the best prime rib in town, Fiddler’s Green on Shelter Island features a selection of mouth-watering steaks and seafood. Try the Fiddler’s Green Island Famous Bermuda Triangle, a mixture of rum, pineapple, grenadine and orange juice to get things started. For dinner, choose from top quality meats such as a Filet Mignon, New York or Ribeye. Of course, they have lobster. Check out their nautical décor and enjoy live music on select nights. Umi Sushi For sushi lovers, give Umi Sushi a try. Customer reviews highlight the fresh and massive roles, good value and friendly service. Their menu consists of over 30 specialty rolls, appetizers, sashimi and entrees including the popular Chicken Teriyaki. Pomodoro Ristorante Italiano Celebrate your amore at Pomodoro Ristorante Italiano in Point Loma. Indulge in true Italian flavors in a rustic yet refined setting. Their wine wall consists of vintages to enhance your entrée selection. Blending classic and contemporary Italian cuisine, diners rave about the Gnocchi Gratinati, Farfalle Salmone E Vodka and the Pork Ossobuco. Don’t forget the Tiramisu. Island Prime For dinner with a romantic view, Island Prime fits the bill. Situated above the ocean with wonderous views of Coronado and the city skyline, their California-inspired menu features Wagyu American Beef, Pacific Swordfish and the Local Catch. Start your meal with a Dozen Oysters on the Half Shell, rumored to be an aphrodisiac. Finish Your Date With Live Music Your glow boat ride is completed, you have savored a tasty dinner and now it’s time to groove. Humphrey’s Backstage Live at Humphrey’s Half Moon Inn is an intimate lounge and music venue. Showcasing renowned artists and local talent, their calendar consists of a mix of jazz, rock, blues and dance acts. Cover charge is $5 weekdays and $12 on the weekends. This romantic gift idea is a guaranteed hit. Book your glow boat ride now! Share your favorite holiday memory with us in the comment section below.