What Makes Us Happy and Grateful This Holiday Season

As we celebrate this holiday season, there is so much to be grateful for. We are Russ and Kate, the owners of Eco Boat Rentals. We started our company in 2019 with a desire to offer the best eco-conscious boating experience in San Diego. Four years later, we are still going strong. Below is our list of what makes us truly happy and thankful. We Couldn’t Do It Without You! One of the best parts of our day is interacting with you, our valued customers. Whether it’s a couple on their first date pedaling a glow boat, or a family celebrating a birthday in a pink party boat, providing a one-of-a-kind experience is always our mission. Your joy is priceless. We love to read your reviews. Knowing we made a positive impact makes us happy. Owning a small business has been a dream, and your support has made it come true. “Last night Eco Boat Rentals provided my family and I a fantastic, magical experience relaxing on a Pink Boat cruise in San Diego Harbor! Captain Ryan kept us comfortable as we floated through the waters, blue skies and puffy, clean white clouds above, while getting an ocean’s level view of the majestic USS Midway, the tall boats docked along the wharf, and all the newly completed restaurants and sights surrounding downtown San Diego. The peaceful cruise transformed us, putting us immediately into a tranquil state and thankful for the beautiful city where we live. All this made possible by the superb, professional service we received from the entire staff with Eco Boat Rentals! This was an experience worth repeating, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the fantastic job owners Kate & Russ have done creating a unique Eco Boat rental adventure.” – Lisa P. Thank you for letting us be a part of your life. The Dogs Make Us Happy It’s not just the humans we are grateful for. Nothing puts a smile on our face faster than a dog having a blast on one of our dog-friendly pedal boats! It’s an adventure that humans and canines can share. When you love a place, why not come back?? Instead of two dogs, how about three this time! We absolutely love everything about Eco Boat Rentals. Just look at our doggos! If their beaming eyes and smiles don’t say it, then let me tell you it made their day! My loving husband did 99% of the pedaling, so I could take more pics to add to my camera roll full of dogs…” – Erin N. We are Grateful for Our Staff Without our amazing staff, Eco Boat Rentals would not have a 5-star rating. Our team works together to provide the utmost in customer service ensuring that each boat ride is fun and safe. From the moment you check in until you return to the dock, our employees are there for you. We are more than grateful for our wonderful team. Just see what our customers are saying. “…The staff definitely made the experience much more enjoyable. Thanks Ryan for all your help.” – Jackie T. “…Ryan and Juan greeted us upon arrival with the most energetic and welcoming energy! The boat was ready for us and Ryan was thorough to explain the instructions on how to navigate the bay and enjoy the hour time slot we had.” – Rachel R. “…We got there and were greeted by the sweetest lady, who offered a life vest for our pittie, Bennie. She walked us through a map of the harbor and told us where to catch an incredible view of the skyline. She also offered us a speaker for our ride but we had brought our own.” – Chris P. We are in Awe of the Magnificent San Diego Bay Each day we continue to be in awe of the magnificent San Diego Bay and are thankful we get to call it home. It’s easy to come to work when you are surrounded by views that can’t be beat including the spectacular San Diego City skyline. Eco Boat Rentals is located in the America’s Cup Harbor. It is a natural harbor and part of the San Diego Bay. It was named after the 1995 America’s Cup races held in San Diego. Besides housing a variety of boats and yachts, it is the playground of an abundance of sea life such as birds, sea lions and seals. We are grateful to enjoy the beauty of the area daily and find it the perfect spot for our pedal and pink boat cruises. We are Beyond Grateful for the Growth of Eco Boat Rentals When we opened Eco Boat Rentals in 2019, we started with people-powered pedal boats. They became so popular; we expanded our business to include glow boats. Illuminated inside and out with bright colorful lights, these nighttime cruises provide a romantic way to explore the bay. Recently, we were fortunate enough to add two pink party boats to our fleet. These electric Duffy boats are decked out with bright pink hulls, canopies and accents. Equipped with a captain, they are a unique location to hold birthday and bachelorette parties, or any special occasion. As the holiday season approaches, we are grateful for the growth of our business over the last 4 years. It wouldn’t have happened without our wonderful customers. We Love Our Neighborhood Both of us love our neighborhood of Point Loma. This sleepy seaside town within San Diego is full of remarkable restaurants and activities. For incredible seafood, you must try Point Loma Seafoods or Mitch’s. Craving Pizza? Pizza Nova is just a short walk from Eco Boat Rentals. Maybe you’re looking for a great view of the harbor. Then Vessel Restaurant and Bar is for you. Point Loma is also home to the Cabrillo National Monument. Here, you can go hiking, check out the tide pools and explore the famous lighthouse. Humphrey’s by the Bay brings in top musical acts from all over with views of

Save Now on Pedal Boat Rentals in San Diego

Eco Boat Rentals is excited to announce their new “Punch Deal” on daytime pedal boat rentals. It’s the perfect way to save money riding the popular boats, and it makes a great gift. Read on to find out more about this amazing deal and what to expect on a pedal boat. What is a Pedal Boat? The Cambridge dictionary defines a pedal boat as a small boat that is moved by pushing pedals with the feet. Think of it as riding a bicycle on the water. Eco Boat Rentals offers modern pedal boats with comfortable seating. Each boat comes with a canopy for shade that can also be lowered on windy days. They hold a maximum of 600lbs. which is equal to three adults and one child. While there are two seats with pedals, one person can easily maneuver the boat on their own. Friendly staff are on hand for orientation and verbal safety instructions. They will assist you in getting on and off the boats. Life jackets are provided. What is the Punch Deal? The Punch Deal offers a fantastic way to save on daytime pedal boat rentals. Daytime pricing is normally $52 per hour per boat. With the Punch Deal, you get ten (10) one-hour daytime boat rides for just $300. That’s a savings of over $200! Even better, the deal has no expiration date and no contract to worry about. It’s easy to use too. After purchase, you will receive a member code to enter online when you make your reservation through the website. The deal can be used for multiple reservations in a single day (subject to availability). Each punch pass can be redeemed for one hour of pedal boat rental. Purchasing the Punch Deal is like becoming a member of a unique and fun boat club! What to Expect on Your Pedal Boat Ride Expect breathtaking views of the San Diego Bay. Marvel at boats, ships and yachts in the America’s Cup Harbor. Discover sea birds and creatures and be amused by sea lions and seals. Take in magnificent views of the city’s skyline. Explore Coronado, Point Loma and Downtown from the water. Feel free to bring a picnic and drinks to enjoy, but please, no alcohol. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes you can pedal in. Don’t forget sunscreen. Are you looking to host a party or private event? Consider Eco Boat Rentals. They can accommodate groups of up to 50 people on their pedal boats. Are Pedal Boat Rentals Good for Exercise? Daytime pedal boats are excellent for exercise. Burn calories, improve cardiovascular health and tone muscle while pedaling. Being outdoors in nature has shown to improve mental health too. With the punch deal, you can exercise on a boat for about the same price as a yoga or Pilates class. Are Pedal Boats Dog Friendly? Yes! Dogs love to ride on pedal boats. Eco Boat Rentals even provides doggy lifejackets. It is suggested to bring a towel or blanket for their comfort. Each boat can accommodate up to two small/medium dogs with two adults. Make sure to take some treats! Reviews of Eco Boat Rentals Eco Boat Rentals has a 5-star rating on Google Reviews! Some of the highlights include: What You Need to Know About the Punch Deal Do you have a question regarding the Daytime Pedal Boat Rentals Punch Deal? Ask us in the comment section below.

Exciting New Duffy Boat Cruises in San Diego Bay

Eco Boat Rentals is beyond excited to announce two new additions to their already impressive fleet. Say hello to the Pink Panther and Flamingo, two brightly colored and fabulous new Duffy boat cruises in San Diego. Who Created the Duffy Boat? Back in 1969, a teenager from Newport Beach grew frustrated over his gas-powered motorboat frequently breaking down. He asked his father for a $300 loan to purchase a secondhand golf cart engine. People told him the battery wouldn’t last in the ocean more than a couple of hours due to the drag of the water and wind currents, but Marshall “Duffy” Duffield installed that engine in his beat-up runabout anyway. Good thing he didn’t listen to the naysayers. He created the prototype of the Duffy boat we know today. The History of the Duffy Boat Why are Duffy Boat Cruises Special? There is a reason Duffy’s motto is “Unplug, Untie and Unwind.” These electric boats cruise along waterways barely making a sound. This allows for those on board to enjoy conversing freely and easily without shouting over a loud and noisy engine. Duffy’s go 5-6 miles per hour. At this speed, one can slow down and take in the beauty surrounding them. All boats are constructed in Duffy’s own 57,000-square foot factory in Altadena with an emphasis on aesthetics and durability. Think custom crafted Cherrywood cabinets and tables and high-quality canvas. Each boat is hand laminated for quality control with seating and table configurations specific to each buyer. To learn more about Duffy boats, click here. No wonder why most Duffy enthusiasts consider the boat a lifestyle and not just a ride. Duffy Boat Cruises Available at Eco Boat Rentals Now that you know just how special Duffy boats are, where can you rent one in the San Diego area? The answer is at Eco Boat Rentals. Their two new Duffy Pink Party boats are completely decked out with a pink hull and pink canvas accents. Throw in a mirrored disco ball and Bluetooth speakers, and you have yourself a party. Eco Boat Rentals provides two different options to rent one of their spectacular Duffy Pink Party boats. Option one is the Private Pink Boat Tour which includes a captain and can hold up to 6 passengers. The second choice is the Pink Bareboat Tour with a maximum capacity of 10 passengers. On the Bareboat option, guests must sign a rental contract and pay the captain directly. Both tours are two hours long. Click here for more information. Plan Your Pretty in Pink Party at Eco Boat Rentals Plan your next celebration on a Duffy Pink Party Boat from Eco Boat Rentals. Come with your favorite beverage to toast with and snacks to nosh on. Don’t forget the cupcakes for dessert. Feel free to bring your own booze, as the captain on board will pilot the boat safely for you. Please no red wine or red food that may stain. How about a Pretty in Pink party? Dress up in pink attire, sip some bubbly Rose and blast tunes from the 80’s like the Psychedelic Furs. Do you have a little one or are young at heart? A pink Barbie party is sure to be a hit. Children love Duffy boat rides. Getting married? Make it steamy with a hot pink tropical themed bachelorette party. Don’t forget the guys. Real men wear pink, so there is no reason they cannot participate in the fun too. What is your favorite pink party idea? Tell us about it in the comment section below.