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Eco Boat Rentals is happy to introduce you to the Glow Boat Experience on Pedal boats in San Diego Bay—one of the best Night Date ideas in the area!

Whether planning a date night for a couple or a fun family outing, you’ll love cruising around in your own private pedal boat, enjoying the views of Downtown lights at night! The Glow boat is illuminating 360 degrees inside and outside, and it’s a lot of fun riding it after dark. To complete your experience, it will be a speaker to make your boat rock’n’roll and a cozy blanket for your comfort!

Our Glow Boat tours are one hour long and guided by our friendly safety crew on separate boats. Even though you’ll be part of a group, you’ll still enjoy the privacy of your Glow boat in the big San Diego Bay and breathtaking views.

Limited availability! Reservations required!

What To Expect With Your Ride

After purchasing your Glow Boat Night date ride in San Diego, you’ll receive a confirmation email with details on your reservation, instructions on where to park and locate us on the first dock at H&M Landing, and recommendations on what to bring for your experience.

We recommend arriving 15 minutes prior to your reservation time to ensure you can find parking and locate our dock. Once you arrive at our dock, our crew will check you in, provide you life jackets, go through basic operation orientation and safety instructions, and then you’ll be ready to take off.

Our team will guide you through night Bay to make sure you feel safe and know where to go.

We will start at America’s Cup Harbor, and after short pedaling, you will find yourself in San Diego Bay with a beautiful Night view of Downtown. On a typical night is no traffic and very peaceful. We will spend time playing music, cruising around, and enjoying the skyline.

We know how to treat you like family! Our staff will take care of you and make sure you enjoy your pedal boat ride with us from start to finish.

Highlights about the Glow pedal boat experience:



60-minute Glow Boat Experience! The boat is illuminating 360 degrees inside and outside, and it’s a lot of fun riding it after dark.

price starts at
/ per boat


Glow Boat Ride Price starts at

Price starts at

Glow Boat Ride

$99/per boat 

Max capacity is up to 3 adults (600lb total weigth)

Our Gallery

Our Gallery


Elizabeth H."Yelp" Customer

We had so much fun last night for the glow in the dark night time pedal boat ride w/ eco boat rentals! The staff is so friendly as they help you get on and off the boat. You don’t have to have any experience with boats at all to enjoy this tour. They untie it as you leave and they catch and dock it for you as you return. They walk you through how to use the boat and help you connect to the speaker for music and all the boats have an awesome disco light. Rus and Kate make sure all the boats are safe while out in the bay so all you have to do is just sit back and enjoy an awesome time with your friends. You can bring food, drinks, and even your dog. My favorite thing is watching the city lights from the water along with all the other glow and the dark boats. I will definitely be back for this again.

Kassidy "Airbnb" Customer

Very welcoming and informative staff! We went at 8pm and it was perfecting timing. The boat was fun all lit up and we loved being able to play our own music. The water was so nice being on at night! Would definitely recommend for a date night.

Viktoriya "Airbnb" Customer

Our glow boat ride tour in San Diego was a wonderful ending to a great day. Hosts are knowledgeable and kept the vibe upbeat for the entirety of the experience. They will give you the basics/directions and allow you the space to make the experience your own as you explore the area with your companion on open water. The disco ball/music/reflection on the dark waves was magical. It is truly a one of a kind activity and we would do it again in a heartbeat 🙂 wish they had one at every port in the states. 12/10 would recommend!


Please take a look at our most frequently asked questions about Night Glow Boat Ride below.
We located on the 1st dock at H&M Landing – walk down the ramp. Right infront of Point Loma Seafoods Restaurant Our address is 2803 Emerson St San Diego CA 92106 – type it in Google Map
Please, check parking instructions here – https://www.ecoboatrentals.com/parking/
Reservations are required for Glow Boat Night ride in San Diego.
Please, arrive 20 minutes before your reservation to find parking and walk to our location. Boarding starts 15 minutes before your reservation time and our group will be leaving right on time. If you will be late – you will miss your ride!

Eco Pedal Boat in San  Diego Bay maximum capacity is up to 3 adults and 1 kid (max 600lb).

2 adults+2 kids = perfect combination for 1 pedal boat

2 adults+ 2 kids + 1 small dog = perfect combination for 1 pedal boat

2 adults + 2 small/medium dogs = perfect combination for 1 pedal boat

3 adults + 1 small/medium dog = perfect combination for 1 pedal boat

If you have 4 adults we highly recommend to rent 2 boats for your safety and comfort!

Yes, our safety crew will be guiding group out in San Diego Bay and help everyone to find way back to our location.
Yes it is! It’s like riding a bike on a flat road.
At least 1 person must be 18 years or older.
Yes, we are Dog Friendly! Bring a towel or blanket to make your dog feels more comfy.
Yes, you are welcome to bring snack, lunch and drinks. Even though our crew cleans the boats, please just be mindful of others when eating, other people will be using this boat after you.
No alcohol drinks allowed on a Glow Boat.

To receive a full refund for Glow Boat Rentals,  customers may cancel up to 24 hours before the experience start time in the local timezone. No refunds will be given after that time period. The sole exception is if Eco Boat Rentals close due to unsafe weather, in which case a full refund will be made. Customers may reschedule their reservation one time up to 12 hours before the Glow Boat experience start time in the local timezone without an extra fee based on availability. Note: the “full refund” option does not transfer with short reschedule notice requests.

*Please, email us at info@ecoboatrentals.com – the full name on reservation, reservation date and time, and your rescheduling/cancellation request.

No minimum age. We recommend to bring a car seat or carrier for infants. We provide different size kid’s life jackets.