How To Be Green in Beautiful San Diego

It’s hard to believe March is upon us. When one thinks of March, they often think of St. Patrick’s Day. When they think of St. Patrick’s Day, they may think of green. Now, green has a couple of different definitions. As a noun, it refers to the color that occurs when you mix blue and yellow. As a verb, to be green means to care for the environment. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, here are some ideas on how to be green in beautiful San Diego, both as a noun and as a verb.

Stay at an Eco-Conscious Hotel in San Diego

To be green in beautiful San Diego, you may want to consider staying in an eco-conscious hotel. The following hotels have all achieved an Environmentalist certification through the California Green Lodging Program. This is the highest level of certification available. To be an Environmentalist, the hotel must meet each of the program’s seven-point criteria. Minimizing waste, purchasing environmentally sensitive products and recycling are all requirements.

  • The Bahia Resort Hotel and Catamaran Resort Hotel are dedicated to their community, people and environment through We Care. One of the key focuses of We Care is reducing carbon emissions to improve air quality. They also host local clean-up efforts to beautify San Diego’s beaches. Both are located in Mission Bay and are part of the family of Evans Hotels.
  • Another environmentally friendly hotel is the Fairmont Grand Del Mar. Their parent company, Accor, earned an “A” rating in 2023 from global environmental non-profit CDP for their commitment to sustainability.
  • Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Spa and Marina made the list. Hyatt takes their corporate accountability seriously with their World of Care initiative. Water conservation and responsible sourcing are just two components of their global program.

Discover a Green Restaurant in San Diego

The Surfrider Foundation is celebrating its 40th year of protecting oceans and beaches throughout the world. Their blueprint to accomplish this mission includes plastic reduction. Did you know it is estimated that up to 11 million metric tons of plastic pollute our oceans annually? Plastic contains toxins that not only harm the environment, they can also harm us!

To combat this problem, the Surfrider Foundation has created the Ocean Friendly Restaurant program. This initiative recognizes restaurants committed to eliminating single-use plastic and implementing conservation policies. For a list of their ocean friendly restaurants in and around the San Diego area, click here.

Plan an Eco-Friendly Activity in San Diego

You know a company is environmentally conscious when they have “eco” in their name. Eco Boat Rentals in Point Loma is just that. They offer three eco-friendly ways to tour America’s Cup Harbor, Harbor Island and Liberty Station.

  • Daytime Pedal Boats run on people power and are as easy to pedal as a bicycle. Each boat can hold up to three adults and one child or a total of 600 lbs. Don’t forget Fido. Pedal boats are dog friendly. Explore the sights of the San Diego Bay and surrounding area. Get up close and personal with birds, sea lions and seals. Let the ocean breezes and fresh air rejuvenate you. It’s a feel-good activity that is good for the planet too.
  • Similar to the daytime pedal boats, Glow Boat rides take place at night and are a perfect date idea. Each boat is illuminated with colorful lights that dance off the water. They come equipped with a Bluetooth speaker and sparkling disco ball to play your favorite love songs. Pedal away with your partner under a romantic starry sky.
  • For a group outing, consider a Pink Party Boat Cruise. These Duffy boats run on electricity and can accommodate up to eight passengers. Each boat comes with its own captain to pilot you around the harbor safely. Bring your favorite nibbles and bottle of bubbly for a fabulous afternoon. A Pink Party Boat Cruise is ideal for an eco-conscious birthday or bachelorette party.

Find Green in San Diego

For a one-of-a-kind green backdrop for your next selfie, visit Harper’s Topiary Garden. This masterful garden is in Mission Hills and is actually someone’s front yard. The homeowners decided over 15 years ago that they wanted to create art out of shrubs for all to appreciate. Find Harper’s Topiary Garden at 3549 Union Street, San Diego.

The Elusive Green Flash

Have you ever seen a green flash? This phenomenon is witnessed most often at sunset, but can be observed at sunrise too. It happens as the sun dips down below the horizon. When there is just a sliver of the sun left, a bright green flash can appear above the sun. Why does this happen? The simplest explanation is the atmosphere acts like a prism separating colors from each other.

Green flashes are visible over low and distant horizons like the ocean. It must be a clear day with no clouds or haze. Sunset Cliffs in Point Loma and Ocean Beach are two areas in San Diego where green flashes have been recorded.

Green Beer on St. Patrick’s Day

Green beer is a favorite drink found on St. Patrick’s Day in many an Irish pub. The good news is there are a plethora of Irish pubs in San Diego. While there is no guarantee all the pubs below serve green beer, it might be fun to do a St. Patrick’s Day bar crawl to find out.

One of the Greenest Cities in the USA

Whether you are looking for greenery or wanting to help the planet, San Diego is the place to be. Several articles rank San Diego as one of the greenest cities in the USA due to their commitment to clean energy and environment-friendly policies. Add in the abundance of parks and beaches to enjoy in the region, and you are sure to be green in San Diego.

What do you do to be green? Tell us in the comment section below.