Pedaling an Eco-Boat is an Easy Outdoor Exercise

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It’s a beautiful day in San Diego, and you are looking to do a little outdoor exercise. You start to put on your running shoes, but another jog on the beach sounds like a snore. Where else can you go to get in some cardio while enjoying fresh air and spectacular ocean views? Why Eco Boat Rentals, of course. Similar to exercising on a recumbent bike, one happy customer described their experience as “an easy bicycle ride on the water.”

Pedaling an Eco-Boat Burns Calories

Pedaling an eco-boat is not only entertaining, but it also burns calories. How many you might ask? Well, it depends on several factors including your weight and the intensity of your workout. A 150 lb. person moderately pedaling an eco-boat for 60 minutes will burn 286 calories. More than enough to enjoy that Krispy Kreme doughnut! Click here to calculate how many calories you can burn.

Cycling an Eco Boat Rentals pedal boat is outside exercise that will burn calories.
You don’t need special equipment or shoes to exercise on a pedal boat.

Rent an Eco-Boat to Improve Cardiovascular Health

Pedaling is a great way to improve cardiovascular health. According to the journal, Circulation, cycling has proven to lower the risk of coronary heart disease. Even moderate amounts of physical activity are good for the heart. Regular cardio lowers blood pressure. It regulates blood sugar, combats depression, fights disease and improves sleep. Who doesn’t need a good night’s rest?

Working out on a pedal boat from Eco Boat Rentals tones muscle.
Regular aerobic exercise is so beneficial.

An Eco-Boat Ride is Outdoor Exercise That Tones Muscle

One of the key benefits of any exercise is to strengthen and tone muscles. With pedaling, you can expect to target your leg and buttock muscles. Strengthen your glutes, calf muscles, shin muscles, hamstrings and quadriceps. Your feet get a workout too! The faster you go, the more conditioning you will see. Starting to get tired? Stop. Another added perk to exercising on an eco-boat is you can take a break whenever you want and enjoy floating on the water.

Two people can enjoy outdoor exercise on an Eco Boat Rentals pedal boat.
Two people can pedal at once on an eco-boat.

An Hour Eco-Boat Rental for Two is More Affordable Than You Think

For only $52, you can rent a pedal boat at Eco Boat Rentals. The price is per boat, not per person. Each boat has the capacity for two people to pedal at the same time. According to the CDC, exercising with a friend is good for you. You motivate each other to work harder, are willing to try new things together and stay more consistent. It’s double the good times and fitness. You can even bring your dog for company and to boost your mood!

As for pricing, indoor cycling classes range anywhere from $18 to $32, which is $36 to $64 for two. Drop-in yoga classes average $25 for one or $50 for two. You can see, renting an eco-boat is comparable to other exercise options. Plus, it’s just as much fun, if not more.

While pedaling an eco-boat might not fit into your daily schedule, it is a unique way to shake up your normal fitness routine. Outdoor exercise is not only good for your body, but also for your mind. With frolicking sea lions and a spectacular skyline as the backdrop to your workout, you are bound to not only feel more fit, but to feel mentally refreshed as well.

A glow boat ride from Eco Boat Rentals is another good form of outdoor exercise.
Exercise at night with a colorful glow boat.

Do you prefer to exercise at night? A glow boat ride offers the same fitness benefits as our day trips. For more information on our fabulous glow boats, click here.

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