Pink Party Boat Ideas Guaranteed to Make a Splash

Planning a party can be hard work! Trying to find a unique location, deciding on a theme and figuring out what to serve takes time and effort. Well, Eco Boat Rentals is here to help. Their Pink Party Boat Cruises make the perfect backdrop for a variety of celebrations. Read on for suggestions to assist you in creating your next soiree.

First, A Few Details About the Pink Party Boats

Pink Party Boats are electric Duffy boats equipped with bright pink hulls and canopies. Each boat can hold up to eight guests and comes with your own private captain to pilot the vessel safely. Cruises are two hours long and start from America’s Cup Harbor. They continue along downtown San Diego, visiting iconic landmarks such as The USS Midway. The views are spectacular and offer endless photo opportunities.

Included on the boat are onboard bathrooms, complete window enclosures that can be lowered on warm days and closed on chilly ones, a Bluetooth speaker system and karaoke microphone, a cooler with ice, plastic cups, pink hats and pillows and a banner.

Bring your favorite food and drinks (suggestions below) and decorations although attaching anything to the outside of the boat is not permitted. Keep in mind the captain’s tip is not included in the price of the charter.

Now that we have covered the basics, let’s talk about parties.

Birthday Parties on a Pink Party Boat

A Pink Party Boat is ideal for a birthday jubilee whether you are turning 21 years old or 40 years young.

Sweet 16

For a  Sweet 16, how about a Taylor Swift themed party? Ask the Swifties to dress as their favorite Taylor Swift persona and bring friendship bracelets to share. Download the This is Taylor Swift playlist from Spotify to blast over the Bluetooth speaker system. Serve non-alcoholic Peach Bellini’s and Taylor’s favorite food, chicken fingers!

21st Legally Blonde

For the person finally turning legal, throw a Legally Blonde bash. Make Elle Woods proud in your best pink ensemble. Keep it sweet with a dessert board. Shake up some Chocolate Cake Shots to get the party started. Pop some pink champagne to keep it going. Dance to Spotify’s 21st Birthday playlist or the soundtrack to Legally Blonde. It will be a party no one will forget.

Still Hot at 40

So, you are turning forty. Kick it up a notch with an I’m Still Hot party theme. Think of all things hot and spicy. Mix up Pineapple Chili Margaritas and dish up chips and spicy guacamole or jalapeno poppers. Wear something red and sexy. Hand out hot tamales candies as a party favor. Swing your hips to a spicy soundtrack like this one from Spotify. Remind everyone that age is just a number.

Bachelorette Parties on a Pink Party Boat

For an unparalleled and fun bachelorette party, arrange a Newlywed Game themed celebration on a Pink Party Boat. Before the shindig, ask the bride’s partner a list of relationship questions. Click here for some ideas. Make sure to keep the answers secret. You will also need to prepare a batch of Jell-O shots for the game.

The Newlywed Game premiered on television in 1966, so consider drinks and eats from the 60’s for the party. Gimlets were fashionable cocktails of the era and are easy to make. Popular appetizers included meatballs with grape jelly, finger sandwiches with white bread, stuffed mushrooms and celery and cream cheese. Put on some 60’s Love Songs to set the mood.

Once everyone is settled in, it’s time to play the game. Ask the bride the same questions you asked her partner. When she answers correctly, everyone cheers. When the answer is incorrect, everyone downs a Jell-O shot. Depending on how well she knows her betrothed, this could be a raucous party.

Or A Divorce Party?

If your marriage has ended in divorce, lighten the mood with a Divorce Party. Embark on a Pink Party Boat with your best girlfriends for some karaoke. Belt out Beyoncé’s All the Single Girls or Kelly Clarkson’s Miss Independent. Pop your favorite bubbly and toast your newfound single status. Eat cake. It’s the beginning of an exciting new chapter.

“Friendsgiving” Aboard a Pink Party Boat

Spice up the holidays with a “Friendsgiving” celebration on a Pink Party Boat. Keep it simple with bite sized turkey sandwiches. Don’t be afraid to layer them with stuffing or even potato chips for some added zing. Sip on Spiced Rum Apple Cider to keep you warm against the fresh ocean breeze.

As you listen to a playlist inspired by Thanksgiving, share what you are thankful for. Play a round of Friends trivia. Find out which of you is a Monica and who is a Rachel.

Team Building Excursions

Get to know your office mates on a Team Building Pink Party Boat Cruise. It is a way to refresh and reenergize the group. Do a potluck and have everyone bring an appetizer to share. Depending on company policy, offer soft drinks or beer and wine (no red wine please) if permissible.

A fun activity to break the ice is a Photo Scavenger Hunt. Prepare a list of items to find and photograph. The group must work together to locate each item. Examples include a sea lion, seal, bird, a yacht, a kayak, a person wearing a red jacket, a buoy, a skyscraper, a restaurant and a military vessel. You get the idea. You can make it as simple or hard as you wish.

Mother’s Day Celebration

Shower Mom with love on Mother’s Day on a Pink Party Boat. Put together a scrumptious brunch or order bagels to go from Point Loma Bagels. Locals rave about this mom-and-pop shop with freshly made bagels and flavored cream cheeses. Download a playlist featuring all of mom’s favorite songs. Create a mimosa bar with orange, grapefruit and pineapple juices and champagne. Do not forget the flowers.

There is no limit to the type of party you can hold on a Pink Party Boat. The boats make a fantastic location for graduation, engagement, retirement and tea parties too.

Are you thinking about a getaway to the beach? Make it a Barbie party. Click here for ideas on how to hold an epic Barbie weekend in San Diego.

Do you have questions regarding holding a party on a Pink Party Boat? Ask in the comment section below.