Starting an Eco-Friendly Company: Resources for ECOpreneurs

Can becoming a successful entrepreneur go hand-in-hand with helping the environment? Absolutely! Perhaps you’ve been inspired to start an eco-friendly company after volunteering with an environmental organization, or maybe you want to find a way to combine your entrepreneurial streak with your passion for sustainability. Before you launch your own sustainable business and become an “ecopreneur,” take a look at these tips from Eco Boat Rentals on everything from outlining a business budget to partnering with nonprofits. Education and Training What if you need to gain a little more experience before diving into your entrepreneurial endeavor? Here’s how to master the skills you’ll need. Get in touch with business owners who run sustainable companies, and ask for advice during informational interviews.  If you think you’ll need to get some business courses under your belt, enroll in an online degree program to study on your own time.  Want to get hands-on experience? Apply for internships at eco-friendly businesses in your area. Your First Steps You’ve spent some time studying and learning the ropes in your new field. Now it’s time to focus on getting your own business off the ground.  Whether you want to sell “green” products, provide consulting services, or address a pressing environmental concern in your area, you’ll need to draw up a business plan. Next, start crunching numbers to nail down your business budget. Account for higher spending on eco-friendly materials if necessary. Will you be selling eco-friendly goods? Seek out vendors that can provide you with sustainable packaging. If you’re setting up shop in a retail space, keep your carbon footprint under control by taking steps to lower your energy usage (and bills). Helping Your Community As an ecopreneur, you can make a big difference through your business. These resources will reveal how you can help your local ecosystems with your company. Partner up with a nonprofit that focuses on environmental issues so that you can make valuable connections.  Volunteer with community organizations that want to restore the environment and make your town a better place to live.  Host entertaining and educational events at your retail space to inform your customers about environmental initiatives in your area. Today, many people are interested in living more sustainable lifestyles. As an ecopreneur, you can provide conscious consumers with the eco-friendly products they want to invest in. With these resources, you’ll be primed for success in the world of ecopreneurship.Looking for a fun and relaxing family adventure on the water? Rent a pedal boat from Eco Boat Rentals! (619) 535-1333 Guest blog post by Joyce Wilson.