Keep The Love Alive: Date Ideas for An Entire Year

Even in the busiest of times, it is important to keep the love alive. Research has shown that couples who engage in regular date nights have happier, more satisfying and less stressful relationships. Furthermore, those who spice up their dates with something more unique than “dinner and a movie” report having a higher quality connection with their partner. To help our couples out, we have put together a list of date ideas in San Diego to carry you through the year. Read on to find out more. Outdoor Date Ideas An outdoor date is a great way to unplug and be present for your partner. Fresh air and new experiences add zip to any relationship. A Double Date Idea For a fabulous double date idea, book a Pink Party Boat Cruise. Each electric Duffy boat can fit up to six and comes with your own captain to pilot the vessel and keep you safe and sound. Feel free to pop the bubbly on board to celebrate your love and nosh on chocolate, figs or oysters, all rumored to be aphrodisiacs. The magnificent scenery makes the ideal backdrop for a selfie and possibly for a proposal too. Live Entertainment Ideas San Diego is full of live entertainment venues. Whether you and your date want to rock out to some classic tunes, take in a Broadway play or even sing along to dueling pianos, there is a place for you to go. Check out the date ideas below. Not Your Typical Dinner and Movie Date Ideas While the typical dinner and a movie date can get tiring, the date ideas below are anything but boring. Of course, San Diego has no shortage of beaches, trails and parks to plan an energizing hike to kick off your date. With a little imagination, the possibilities are endless. What are your favorite date ideas? Tell us in the comment section below.